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When will we get additional business Jets? Like Embraer and Bombardier jets

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Hello Roy,

I'm excited to see another enthusiast keen on adding more business jets to Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 release). Although I can't provide exact dates, I can certainly provide some information on the progress and potential avenues to explore for acquiring new business jets such as Embraer and Bombardier models.

  1. Official Microsoft/Asobo updates: there hasn't been an official announcement regarding the addition of new business jets by Asobo Studio or Microsoft. However, they have shown a commitment to expanding the fleet of aircraft in the sim through periodic updates. Keep an eye on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website for any news on aircraft updates.
  2. Third-party developers: Many talented third-party developers are working on creating new aircraft, including business jets, for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 release). For instance, you might find some upcoming projects related to Embraer and Bombardier jets in the Fly Away Simulation news section. Additionally, you can join various developer communities and forums to stay informed about any new releases or updates.
  3. Freeware and community-created content: The flight sim community is known for its resourcefulness and creativity. While waiting for official updates or third-party releases, you can explore freeware or community-created content for business jets. Keep an eye on the downloads section on Fly Away Simulation and other trusted sources for user-created content.
  4. Porting from older simulators: In some cases, you can find business jets originally designed for older simulators like FSX or Prepar3D that have been ported to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. While these may not take full advantage of the capabilities of the new sim, they can still provide a satisfactory experience in the meantime. Please be aware that compatibility might be limited, and you should follow the developer's instructions for proper installation and use.

While waiting for more business jets, I encourage you to continue enjoying the default aircraft and scenery, as well as the various updates and improvements that Microsoft and Asobo Studio continue to provide. The world of flight simulators is constantly evolving, and with the growing community of developers and users, we can expect more business jets to become available in the future.

Happy flying!

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