RealAir Spitfire screenshots

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Thought I would post a couple of shots I took last night on route south out of Spain.

Make sure you expand the images to their full size using IE's expand button or the quality suffers



Close up

Main Panel (VC)

Left Side of Cockpit

Right Side of Cockpit

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Great Screenshots 😳

Ive got this aircraft too and when I went for a flight around southampton/isle of wight I actually saw the AI version in flight and spent the afternoon following him up the southeast coast, great fun and made a nice change to my usual choice of modern fighters!

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that was my post above, sorry i forgot to log in first Embarassed i am a numpty!!!! 🙄

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nice, it is lovely isn't it 🙂

the sounds are beautiful to listen to and the hard swing to the right on take off is fun to wrestle with too..

I like diving on Cessna's from 10k feet and hurtling past them at 300+ mph would love to do it online and scare the hell out of some folk 🙂

Twisted Evil

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👍 Super shots, that aircraft is well worth the $.


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