FSX-SE will not open.

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So just this last week unable to open the FSX-SE through steam. It goes to the startup screen and then disapears?  I see the beta version is out but I tried installing that and I get the DLL error do not click on it or might corrupt the computer??? So now not sure what version of FSX I have but neither seemed to open for some reason. Not an expert to steam but can I download FSX-SE standard version somewhere and see if that helps?  I don't want to lose any items from my present FSX setup though?  Any assistance on getting FSX-SE to open would be great?



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Have you tried running it as administrator?

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Just another suggestion is that I never use the steam buttons to lauch FSX, I have created a shortcut that I pin in my taskbar. What this does is it accesses FSX directly from where it is on your computer vs. using steams launcher. Have you tried going to your FSX folder and clicking on the FSX.exe to see if it launches correctly? (I also have my shortcut set up to launch fsx as an administrator). I can kind of walk you through it if you need help.

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Yes have tried launching all of your suggestions. A few days later launched FSX-Se just like before no problem so not sure what the problem was but as I go forward will maybe figure it out.



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