Globe Swift by Bill Lyons

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I am trying to locate the Globe Swift produce by Bill Lyons can anyone point out a link. I have look through

Thanks in advance.

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I found it at

FS2002/FS2004 Classic Globe Swift

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Name: Size: 9,937,633 Date: 08-10-2003 Downloads: 8857
FS2002/FS2004 Classic Globe Swift. The Globe/Temco Swift is a neat little two place, low wing, retractable gear, all metal aircraft that is loved to this day by a large group of devoted owners and fans! It has a reputation of being hard to fly and land but as someone said "You fly a Swift with your finger tips not your hands!" It has been called the "poor man's P-51" and the resemblance can be seen in its classic good looks and polished aluminum finish. This package provides four versions of the same aircraft as it may have appeared in 1946, the 1970s and updated to a 210 hp hot rod buring up the present day skies! Included scenery portrays a fictitious Alaskan business at Swift Creek airport (AK31) called Glacier Expeditions which was started in 1946, declined though the 70s and renovated in the present day. By Custom Classics (Lynn and Bill Lyons).


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Your amazing Radarman where would we all be without you.

Thanks much. Bow Down

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