A page to post Multiplayer IP Addresses

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come on people let flyaway know that we need a page on here where we can post our ip addresses ,so we can play online with each other would not take a lot to set this up a couple of minutes , or even a topic page in the forum would do under multiplay ,

Cheers 😂

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We have followed your idea up and will be opening a multiplayer page using a website such as multiplayer.flyawaysimulation.com. This would include like a chat board and IP address and game listings. Full automatic system. We are scripting this at the moment, and will inform you guys when done! 😀

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thank you chiefy boy well appreciated there is not alot of sites for this and you have a lot of members in here trade ip seems to have died of death ,i hope you didnt think i was going on about it lol,

cheers anyway Wadds

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❓ If anyone need a simple way to find out their IP just go to this site, it comes up immediately.

https://flyawaysimulation.com/ip-address-tool/ 👏


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Before we get the dedicated multiplayer site online, we have opened up the multiplayer forum and posted a news article. Information Here:



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