A FS glitch?

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Charles Wood refers to a bug in FS98 as follows: "In FS-98, because of a serious software bug, an aircraft on the ground will rotate to point into the wind, or "weather-vane." I'm finding some strange behavior on a flight I've been trying, and thought maybe some others on the forum might see if the same thing happens on their machines.

Location: KLWM, Lawrence Municipal, Mass. No scenery addons.
Runway 23
Conditions: Summer day, winds surface to 3,500 ft: 330/40 mag, unchanging.
Aircraft: 172SP or 182
Settings: from low to high performance. Doesn't seem to matter.

As soon as the takeoff roll starts the plane begins to veer to the right. With difficulty, the plane can be aligned and I can takeoff. At that point, the airplane spins around to the right, pitches nose up, and wings wag from side to side. Gradually, control returns and I can resume correct heading and attitude.


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Seeing that your a/c has a propeller, try applying and adding throttle very slowly but gradually. You might avoid the torque this way.

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wind shear?

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I'm pretty sure it's not the propeller. When I turned off the winds, the aircraft went straight down the runway. I doubt it's wind shear because the winds should be constant.



It's not a bug.

Don will confirm the cross wind effect numbers but taking off in a C172 with a 40kt wind 10 degrees off the nose is difficult to say the least, if not dangerous.

You need to compensate for the cross wind effect during the roll as well as when the wheels leave the ground.

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