What do you think of the CAP?
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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

I was wondering what the everyone thought about the CAP(civil air patrol)
It's a group that works with the air force,army,and coast guard.they were the first to take an aerial photo of ground zero in new york,they do search and rescue missions and stop polluting ships. they also have a program for 12 years on where one builds rockets,has flight s in choppers and cessna's etc. and if the kids want to join the air force they're promoted one rank higher.and if they want a private licsence they can have less flight hours to the exam.

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ShockAndYaw Trainee

Got my first exposure to aviation as a cadet in CAP when I was 13 (25 yrs ago). Got to fly in light planes, helicopters, rode in a C-135 from Chicago to Colorado and got to watch them refuel fighters from where the boom operator sits. Also spent an entire week living on an Airforce base. Pretty cool stuff, 'cept the 4 AM firewatch patrol. At least I didn't have to do KP.

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alohajoe First Officer

Whats KP? its dosen't sound like fun 😳

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Yeah,what is kp??
❓ ❓

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RadarMan Chief Captain

hms_endeavour wrote:

Yeah,what is kp??
❓ ❓

Kitchen Patrol.
Wash dishes, mop the floor. Bad news job!


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

I was in Civil Air Patrol as a teenager and I loved it. I received my first aircraft ride in our squadron's Cessna 172. I attended meetings at a Naval Air Base near my home. We leaned about Aerospace subjects, Military Drill and ceremony and physical fitness. Some of my fondest memories were the camping trips that we took to practice searching for downed aircraft. I would recommend the CAP to anyone who has an interest in aviation, the military or radio communications. I had a great time in CAP! 🙂

Din Wood Guest

I was also in CAP when I was a teenager. In the western US, CAP has a large number of searches for downed aircraft so CAP cadets are actual participants in real searches. I flew many hours as a search observer (long before I became a pilot) and also participated as part of CAP ground rescue teams.

Not only do you get aviation experience and training, CAP provides great lessons in leadership and maturity for young men and women. I strongly recommend it.

Don Wood Guest

Well, I may be a little dim but I'm certainly not Din. Sorry for the typo in my name in my previous post.

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vissercool Trainee

I am currently a second lnt here in the montana wing and the comms officer for my squadron, the one thing that i am looking for is civl air patrol air craft for flight sim if any one has some good ones please give me a link or two

i have been in for about 3 years now

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CRJCapt Chief Captain
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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

i do not have i very high opinion of the CAP. I will go to airshows and i will have these cadets a decade younger than me telling me what to do, where to stand. I wouldn't mind being told by a senior member, its just those kids

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