Brakes stuck on?

syncrog60 Guest

Help me guys!
cant take off because the brakes are stuck on.
Also when trying the training flights and the intro flight when auto pilot is on the plane nose dives into the ground. Then to cap it all i'm informed "since YOU crashed the flight has ended! WTF!
Rather frustrated to say least!!!!!!!

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Pressing the "." key should release the brakes.

I don't have a clue what your autopilot problem is, I never use it.

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jelami First Officer

It could be that the p[lane you are flying needs some additional input from you. Some autopilots control all aspects of flight (of course you have to set each one), some are simple units designed to just hold course. You may have to control speed and and trim the plane for altitude. Just like cruise control on my bike, it controls speed but you still have to drive.
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