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Where can I find something that can go real fast and high? I want someting that can go within the range of mach 10 and be able to go above 80,000 feet. Any downloads like that anywhere?

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Look no further than here, FS2002/4 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 Firefox fantastic, wait until you see the back burners, don't forget to do a barrel roll when you get to see the curvature of the earth.

The others on this list of yours aren't too shabby either,
Have a good fast flight and don't forget to land them, that's the most fun.

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The direct link for the Search Engines 😉 :

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I already have that peice of junk. I got it up to 50,000 feet before but it didn't go that fast. Only got it up to about 1,200 mph one time. Am I doing something wrong or is it broken?

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Go to and enter in the file library, it's go to 100,00ft, doesn't look like much but its high and fast.

File Description:
25 foot long gmax paper airplane with the Schweizr 2-32 files. Will do 400+ knots in a steep dive, but starts to become unstable around 275-280. No animations, no panel, very simple visual model, only 50 polys. Fun to fly especially in tower view. (CK)


i have yet to land the Firefox(mig 31) on any runway that isn't very very long. It just glides to well to land easily

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