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FSP on Flight sim X

Pro Member First Officer
beerbadger First Officer

Ive just brought the PMDG 737 TNG and Fs Passengers, and i was just wondering if we would be allowed to use FSP with FsX , even more, my PMDG 737 witch isnt even a month old!

Any ideas or comments from microsoft on this matter?

Pro Member Chief Captain
Greekman72 Chief Captain

The comment is mine....
I dont know about PmdG...but i believe that FSP will run with FSX. The base that FSP runs over FS must be the same or with some small changes which are not going to take effects in FSP.
Except if MS has put in FSX something familiar(like FSP),but i dont thing so.... Dont Know

Just in case dont throw out of window FS9... Wink

Pro Member Trainee
compilots Trainee

You might want to check Garry J Smith

Oooopppppps Sorry! Embarassed Embarassed Meant to post it here:

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

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Pro Member First Officer
beerbadger First Officer

? thats a bit random.

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

All I've seen is that the 2004 aircraft should work but the scenery won't. I don't know about program add-ons like fspassengers.


Pro Member First Officer
alohajoe First Officer

I was hoping that MS would have put something similar to FSP into FSX.
Sad Guess we will just have to wait. Confused

Pro Member Chief Captain
tomthetank Chief Captain

alohajoe wrote:

I was hoping that MS would have put something similar to FSP into FSX.
Sad Guess we will just have to wait. Confused

We do know that there is some sort of mission or missions to be found in FSX Arrow
One of the biggest changes to this iteration of the series is the addition of structured gameplay. The previous games merely gave you a huge world to explore and fly around, but many gamers felt like they would be better served with some sort of direction. With that in mind, the team designed a number of missions, including point-to-point objectives and skill-based flying

We dont know if FSP will work or can be patched to work

Pro Member First Officer
alohajoe First Officer

HHHMMM Think Very intresting....Thanx for the help TTT.

Pro Member Trainee
Lionman Trainee

Knowing how ultra-conservative MS are with this FS franchise because their bean-counter accountants and marketing gurus won't let them tamper too much with a successful formula, my intuition is that their "structured game play" will be little more than a very limited range of objective oriented "missions". Thrilling things like "flying cargo to Alaska in a float plane" or "delivering humanitarian supplies to a third world country" or maybe even "collecting a patient by air ambulance". I seriously doubt anything much more interesting can be incorporated into the present game-engine but at least having some objectives will greatly enhance the hollow shell that FS has in fact always really been.

I absolutely adore flying and everything to do with aviation and always have. I have been flying flight simulators since the very first versions that had white wire frame images on a black screen and have compulsively downloaded and installed FS aircraft from all over the web for the last 3 versions of FS. I have dozens of CDs of downloaded aircraft and scenery and have installed photo-real scenery whenever I could afford it.

Yet I seldom actually do more with MS FS than take off, fly around and land again, just to try out the flying characteristics of a given aircraft, as, frankly, there is so very little else to do in FS. Re-enacting historic flights was a brilliant feature in FS 2004, which I hope they retain in some form in FS X and maybe they should constantly bring out new historic flights and aircraft to download, as that would definitely keep myself and a lot of other virtual pilot's in the air.

Just as Ubisoft's Maddox games division constantly bring out free patches, add-ons, expansions and new aircraft for the excellent IL2 series of combat sims which has totally wiped MS out of the combat flight sim market as a consequence. CFS 3 had a lovely interface and good looking aircraft, plus an animated pilot, all great ideas but the flight models were rubbish, the flying unconvincing and "arcade-like" after IL2. MS just "missed the boat" by taking way too long and then bringing out a sim that wasn't even as good as Maddox first effort IL2, 2 years previously.

Using VATSIM, real-world traffic, virtual radar, real-world weather and FS Passengers extend the options in MS FS a bit but it's still not exactly ever that immersive or exciting. I have a friend who runs his own virtual cargo airline in real-time but then he is German and quite quite mad. (He is also a dynamite bomber pilot in IL2 Forgotten Battles however and once shot down TWO Me 109's in a dogfight, while flying an IL 2 Sturmovik. Now THAT's serious combat flying skill! I mean it Mirko if you ever read this!)

FS X looks so gorgeous graphically that maybe just flying around and enjoying the landscape will keep me in the air more often? Especially things like exploring the National Parks of the USA and geographical landmarks in other countries. I look forward to flying a Vistaliner around the Grand Canyon and checking out Mount Rushmore, while having a far more realistic and immersive visual experience close to the ground than 2004 ACOF ever affords. FS9 ACOF was definitely an advance but the poor ground detail was really a huge dissapointment and ruined the immersive reality of the sim for me. What's the point in the landscape looking wonderfully real from 10000 feet, if when you come in to land or fly across country at low altitude it just looks like smeared flat photographs dotted with children's building bricks with windows printed on their sides? Yuk.

From what I have seen of FSX screenshots the buildings are awesome and 2000% more convincing and real. I also love the way the textures of the fields and woods are irregular and super-realistic and the flying birds and migrating geese are just awesome and an inspiration. I think there is also going to be proper built-in thermals for gliding at last, although glider launches that don't require slewing should be a pre-requisite for realism. A tow or a winch, either would be great.

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