Looking for a good freeware weather radar...

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if it exists.

I've seen some radars on pay models like from PSS, but they're locked to that a/c. I tried searching Avsim and Simviation, but didn't see anything there. Anyone know of a good, free weather radar?

The only reason I'm looking for a free one is so it won't be locked to a particular a/c.

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RadarMan wrote:

See what you think of these.


I think that's what's in one of the PSS a/c. Only problem I'd have with that one is when I got that PSS a/c (I think it's the 777) the weather didn't seem to do much. It displayed an intial radar image, but nothing else happened after that.

The second I won't touch whatsoever. I had already gotten one of their a/c's with that Reality XP stuff and it drags my computer down. It doesn't even crawl, it just sits there and eventually locks up...and I have a fairly decent system.

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