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assingments setting problems in leptot

lala1001 Guest

I'm trying to use FS on the leptop. So far everything goes OK except the rudder:

1- only the left rudder is functioning (or reacts upon pressing the correct key command), the button for right rudder (num enter) is not exist on the leptop's keybord. this makes the taxi impossible because the aircraft goes only in circles to the right.

2- I have changed the assignments but it seemed to be that nothing has happened the computer does react to the changes. However, if I delete a command it does delete it.

3- in fs2000 I could drive the aircraft on the ground by using the ailerons axis of the
joystick. Is synchronization possible in fs2004 also ??

thanks a lot
miko d.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

From what I've seen, key commands might differ depending on the individual's computer and setup.

Is there a reason why you dont use your joystick any longer?

lala12 Guest

in FS2000 I used to drive the plane on the ground by using the x axis (R and L)
the main problem is why the computer does not responds to the assingment chnges

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Are you saying that you are still using your joystick?

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