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Whenever i try to take of a plane in flight sim 2004 it just veers off to the left!! Can any1 help??

I never had this problem with flight 98 and 2000


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If you are using a joystick, check this out.

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This sounds like a pilot that does'nt know about the concept of P- factor or torque effect. If you are flying a single engine prop you have at least two forces trying to turn you left. 1. Prop wash on the tail, the prop turns clockwise as seen from the cockpit, the air corkscrews aft of the prop. By the time the prop wash has reached the tail, it is putting more force on the left side of the tail thus pushing it to the right, which makes the nose go left. 2. off center thrust, most small airplanes sit a little nose high. This affects the relative angle of attack on the propeller itself. If the prop is exactly level when spinning, both blades of the prop take an equall cut into the air. When you nose up ,or if the plane is sitting nose up, the prop blades no longer share an equall cut. As you start down the runway the relative angle of attack of the prop blades change. The ascending blade on the left has a shallower angle relative to the airflow, therfore less thrust, at the same time the descending blade on the right has a larger angle of attack relative to airflow, hence more thrust on the right than the left. This has the effect of moving the thrust centerline to the right of the plane, thus causing the plane to go left. Gyroscopic effects of the prop play a part also, taildragers more so than trikes. When you try to move a gyroscope on one axis, it tries to move on another axis as well. If you move the gyro forward it will turn left also, move it rearward as you would when lifting the nose of a plane and it will turn right, cancelling some of the other forces. The first two forces are the primary elements to deal with when flying a plane. When you takeoff in a single prop you must use right rudder to counter act the P-factor. As you gain speed you will need less and less right rudder to compensate. Once you are in level flight and are trimmed properly, you should'nt need any rudder. I hope this helps.

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