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How would you advertise flight simulator 2004? Here's what i would do.

I play flight simulator 2004 so much every day. When I started (wich was about January, 2006) I couldn't stop playing it! It was so much fun, When my parents tell me to get off, I say, "But it's educational". But of course it dosn't work. The fact that I said it's educational is true. It's a simulator wich means "The best they can get to real life". In the game it also says, "An aid for pilots." wich is true. It teached me ALOT of things I didn't know about airplanes before. Flight simulator is too addicting, to me that is. I fly every day just because of how fun it is!
If you want a good education on airplanes and alot of fun you should get Flight simulator 2004!

Mine was just loaded words but that's ok.

Now you try making an advertisment.

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"I thought the Kama Sutra was an Indian restaurant until I discovered FS9" 😂

OK, maybe not.

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