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Hi All,

I hope this post isn't inappropriate but I just wanted to let any Aussies who frequent this forum know about a new specifically Australian Flight Simulation enthusiast site, AusFlightSim

It's a brand new website with a file library in need of developers files and there are various topics requiring informational/educational content. On offer are a number of volunteer positions available for news and content writers so if you're a budding writer and would like to be published on the site please take a visit over to the above address, visit the Positions Vacant section and send in your application.

Hope to see a few of you over at AusFlightSim.

Cheers, Adrian

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Thanks Adrian, the site looks very promising. By just browsing a bit, my eye caught this: Saitek X52 Review.

Great review, it makes me want to get the x52 straight away Yes

I'm taking the liberty to quote a small part of the review:

People like myself who fly Helicopters in Microsoft’s Century of Flight notice the difference most of all. Some of the old time helo pilots will tell you that flying helicopters is like trying to balancing two oiled ball bearings on top of one another. I can assure you that flying in a simulator setup for helicopter flight is no different. Helicopters are highly unstable birds requiring, small, precise, and smooth movement to ensure a successful flight. Saitek’s X52 HOTAS system provides me with the precision I need to get the most out of my flying and I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in getting the most out of our hobby.

The complete review can be found here ➡

I'll be visiting frequently 😎


Glad to hear you liked the site Tailhook. That review was written by our resident editiorial content writer and product reviewer. You can expect to see much more great content in the coming months as the site gains momentum.

Cheers, Adrian

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You'll be getting so many more hits once voice activation has become the norm -- it's just too much work to click on a link.

Best of luck to you and your team 👍

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