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I need to pull a MDL file for an aircraft into an STL file. I have 2002 & 2004 versions of the MDL file.

The 2002 SDK page includes 'documentation' of the MDL format, it is based on a RIFF file. There are some RIFF editors online, but they really choke badly on the file. They can read the headers, but that is about it. RIFF files are devided into chunks, but the documentation doesn't really describe the core of the 3D format.

Any help for a conversion is greatly appreciated. If anyone can get it into an intermediat format, that is progress & maybe I can get it from there.

I've downloaded a MDL to DXF converter meant for older versions of the MDL file format. It crashes after churning for a little while. Opening the DXF in Autocad doesn't work.

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I google this : Convert mdl to stl files and i get several converters and utilities.
My knowledges stops here for it so you can search too,or you can wait for more specific replays... Dont Know 😉


Thanks for the help.

It looks like MDL isn't exactly a unique file extension in the 3D world. One of the Quake formats shares the name, among others.

So, most of those 14,800 hits get eliminated by including the search phrase "flight simulator". That gets me down to 283....

Most of which seem to be junk. Lists of file extensions for example...

I did a pretty thurough search before posting, so if it was easy, I'd have it. (:



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