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Well, can anybody tell me, where I could find downloadable scenery files for FS 2004? If I purchase a CD, chances are good, that I pay around 40percent more in taxes, since I'm living in Europe. I would be especially interested in scenery files from Austria, Germany etc. I was pretty astonished, when I first started out in Vienna, wanted to use the Danube as navigation aid and the Danube wasn't there.

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Riclo Guest

😉 Yo! you can get D/loads from simvation .com, and
avsim has your rivers waiting for you, page two or three cant remember
offhand. Aloha,Riclo

Riclo Guest

Yo! sorry,its both pages as one has the canals and the other has the
Danube. 😛 Aloha,Riclo

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Found this for you ➡

Let us know if you find any good ones

Happy landings 😀

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