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Something went terribly wrong with my FS. Indicated headings in instruments are not the actual headings off by more than 30 deg. The scenery is flickering and the 'always smooth flights' are getting intermitently frozen, with skipps at dense sceneries. This happened without any recent new airport, scenery, ai traffic downloads. Restarting PC does not help.

Also, to my surprice after removing FS from my PC and re-installing it from the back-up I created a while ago 'when all worked fine' the problems still persist? Bit of a mystery unless the PC it self is storing some info?
I have installed FS in 2006 and am now up to 23 GB with number of addon airports, aircraft, sceneries and AI traffic. Also am familiar with ADE and ACA creating airports, Sbuilder, AI (got almost 500 airlines flying around), Traffic tools atc atc, So am familiar with the FS logistics, bit of a hobby of mine.

I now plan to reinstall FS from the discs and copy in all the aircraft, ad-on sceneries and AI traffic plans I created from my back-up and hope it will help.

Any thoughts or advice on what might have gone wrong, or if reinstalling from discs (from the scratch) might help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks Peter


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Best guess, the computer fans need cleaning...too much dust.
Don't forget the video card fan too.


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Thanks Radarman,
Have cleaned the fans and also run hardware diagnostics, which showed no faults. Unfortunately it did not help, the headings were still off and scenery acting up.
But I think the issue is resolved after I de-activated the two recent add-on airports KISP and KSYR, which I recently downloaded from AVSIM. kispv1-1.zip and ksyr_2011.zip.
Actually my default flight is from KISP, and I also noted that the FS did not open at the default flight as it usually did. Instead, even after rebooting it opened at the airport where I eneded before shuting down. So all this made me think about KISP acting up and sure enough it likely was the culprit. Perhaps also since KISP was my add-on scenery #1 on top, which probably clashed with any lower sceneries on the very extensive list I have.
Additionally, after reading some forums, I have unchecked the Render to Texture box in FS Hardware Settings, which eliminated the scenery flickering. So, should be OK now without Islip and Syracuse that is.
Thanks again, any further thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Rgards Peter

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Good to see you have it back again,


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