concorde problems

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brownbox Captain

hello there. 😀
i am having serious problems with my concorde i downloaded for fs2004. first thing is that i cant load it onto the game unless i select aircraft when im already in a flight. if i try to load aircraft from the main screen the game crashes to desktop.

next thing is the controls are opposite. e.g joystick up points nose up and joystick left points nose right 😳

how do i fix this? or please send a link for another concorde download 🍻 🍻 Hack

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simon roourke (simon123) First Officer

someone please help brownbox
Captain ❗
sorry im lost ❗

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Which download do you have?

Try this ➡

Pappy55 Guest


That looks great anyone tried this freeware and rated it to Just Flight's Concirde-Professional?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

brownbox wrote:

or please send a link for another concorde download 🍻 🍻 Hack

This is an invitation for a fruitless back and forth and back and forth and back and forth... you get the drift.

How can we send you a link for another Concorde unless we know which one you already have ❓

Help us help yourself Buddy Yes

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brownbox Captain

lets see... the one i have? i dont know i forgot and deleted all the documents saying where its from but i think its the ARNZ one.
hope this helps

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No it does not. Deleting the documents at any stage is never a good idea. The authors spend many hours to write those documents... they're certainly not doing this because they're bored.


crosscheck9 wrote:

Which download do you have?

Try this ➡

I've tried Project Mach2 - a little unimpressed.....I do own the Koch Media one, but that is extremely complicated.....but a better bet if you're into stuff that takes half an hour before you can even start the engines.....I'm told the flight model is more realistic, but I have no knowledge of whether or not this is true.....Also - Project Mach2 does not appear to have a virtual cockpit....

Greg - who only known of these 2, but would like to know if there are any others worth noting? All I want to do really is just get up in the air in one and fly around at stupid speeds.....maybe crash spectacularly a few times.....then do some serious cross-atlantic stuff.....

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