FS2004 Losing Track of my Plain

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I have been using FS2004 for almost a year now. I have plenty of nifty add-ons, but I am having a problem with FS2004 Losing my plain. Tonight I was flying from Leuisville, KY. to Atlanta. When I was about 66 mls out the ATC put me on a heading of 115 for RW 26R. I got to about 70 mls out on that heading I was told to turn to heading 150. That heading lasted about 3 min. Then I was told to turn back to 120. At about 80 mls out on that course. ATC turminated my IFR Flight plan and totaly screwed up my landing. I have run in to this problem in Atlanta, Portland, and Miami. Any idea what is going on ? O'BTW I am running Traffic 2005 , but this has happened with other Traffic programs as well.

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As has been said here many times, the ATC in FS is lousy.

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Maybe a change of location? Outside of the US of A I mean. This world is a much bigger place than some would have it. Explore, the whole world is at your fingertips and if ATC is playing up, just ignore it and enjoy the view 😀

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