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Since I lost most of my panels, and lately a large majority of my sound, I am going to remove FS2004 in anticipation of a reinstall.

I have pulled a few of my favorite downloaded a/c into a seperate folder, but I figure I'll lose their guages and effects, but at least I'll know their names to search for them again.

What I am conerned about losing the most is the addon scenery like runway/taxiway graphics, because I think I downloaded lots and lots of these, but oh well, I'll just have to find them again.

Any suggestions to this process that I may be missing? Is it possible to save my logbook? I finally got it working again, I don't want to lose the big flights I've done since then.


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Everything you download goes somewhere.Do you tell it where to save files?
The easy way of backing up your fs files is to create a fs d/load folder,and in there you could make folders for panels,scenery and anything else,then you know where they all are

I cant remember the default save file as I have created folders for everything,music video programs ,A/V ect.ect 😉

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While it won't help much this time, in the future, you might want to consider keeping your downloads is a specific directory (or burning them on a CD-ROM). That way, if disaster strikes, you don't have to download all of them again.

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