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Recently, while flying my aircraft, they all seem to be turning to the right all the time.

It's not the rudder, wind/weather or gyro drift, and it is fine when I set the heading bug on autopilot.

I thought I had fixed it, but I have not, it is still happening. I re-calibrated my joystick and changed it's USB port, but there is no change.

So I am wondering, does it have anything to do with thisNAV/GPS thing:

What setting should it be on and does it really matter? The screenies above are from a C206, but I get the problems in default cessnas too.


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After callibrating your joystick, is the banking right still as bad?

If you are referring to normal flight without Autopilot, then it doesn't matter whether the NAV/GPS switch is on NAV or GPS. For heading selected on the AP, I'd have it on NAV instead of GPS.

It still sounds like a problem with the joystick not being callibrated, because if AP isn't even engaged, then only external factors (wind etc) or control surfaces can cause it. I suppose you could make sure that trim for all axes is at zero on the ground, and make sure it doesn't move dramatically.

Also when you have AP on, does the aircraft fly normally, without the unnecessary banking?


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It still sounds like a problem with the joystick not being callibrated

I downloaded and ran the "Logitech WingMan Clear Calibration Utility" which strips all calibration information in the Windows Registry for all gaming devices.

I then re-caibrated my joystick, ran flightsim, took off, climbed to 2,000 feet, set the vertical stabilizer by pressing CTRL+Z and let go of the joystick.

Same thing happened. The aircraft began banking to the right, and within a minute, my heading had changed by 20 degrees.

I turned of the vertical stabilizer, pushed my joystick to the left to straighten up the plane, let go of the joystick and the same thing happened!

Why is this happening ❓ ❓ ❓

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After further testing, I have found out that this problem ONLY occurs with the Carenado C206 Stationair II!

I have e-mailed Carenado for help...

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