right then: the freeware awards

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ja, i want to make some top 5 freeware lists for my site, so if you guys couldpost your nominees i can take a look and judge them. i just feel this is something lacking and many people would them beneficial.

catorgories then:

- best passenger plane (jet or prop or private)
- best GA aircraft
- best airport scenery
- best scenery (mesh, photoreal, cities, replacement textures etc)

that's all i'm interested in, not utilities or owt. just the above and as long as it's freeware. i will be looking at all round quality.

cheers theeeeeeen...over to yee.

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Best passenger plane ➡


Lovely 😉

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

for best scenery:

http://www.canarysim.com/ (canary islands freeware scenery)

and for best freeware planes in general I guess all POSKY planes.. they're all perfect imo. the one mentioned above is a great nominee (also posky)

EDIT: oh and btw this thread is great, because people get to know of new planes/scenery etc..

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beerbadger First Officer

IFDG.... for airbus really, but they dont do panels Embarassed

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hinch Chief Captain

the votes just keep piiiiiiiling in :p

if i could have some more responses i could then make some polls. i plan to donate dosh to the winners sooo...vote? 😛

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

The best freeware passenger plane I think IMO has to be the..................................................................

IFly 747-400.


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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Don't forget Project Fokker...


An absolute corker 😉

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