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Windows XP

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😀 Do you ever think that your pc is not as fast as it was?
Well its probably not.Why? Well all those d/loads,and progs that we add from time to time all make for a slower pc.
Before XP it was easy,just back up what you realy wanted then reformat and reinstall,but with XP we have to reactivate(and you can only do it 3 times before you have to call Microsoft)
🙂) Not any more. ➡ Just copy the wpa.dbl . It is located in the WINDOWS\system32 folder,and is small enough to go on a floppy. Now if you reinstall Windows XP just copy the file back and you're up and running again to start slowing it down all over again

Its like having a new pc again...and again...and again


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I just reinstalled it on a new h/d the old one died. That's very helpful. Thanks I'm on my way to a floppy!
(I never realized how fast it booted up until I reinstalled, it takes a long time to slow down).

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Just an Ugly question
Is that floppy works on another comp as well?
I have 3 computers at my home and a lot problems to to have activation from time to time. I have to call some body in ...Germany some 2000 miles away

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Umm... I will send you a pm Secret for answer

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tomthetank wrote:

this was dumb, i'm not even logged in 😀

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