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I have purchased M$ Windows XP x64 Edition (64 Bit Edition). I am running a 'AMD Athlon 64 4800+" Processor so XP Pro x64 should install because i have a 64 Bit processor.

When i install XP 64 (Booting from cd when pc starts up) I formatt hard drive so its going to be a clean installthen i install XP x64. It installs up to about "34 Minutes Remaining" where it starts to install the "devices".

During the "Device" installation the screen flickers a few times, then i get a Blue Screen saying "Memory Dump" I can't complete the installation so i restart pc and re-try, same thing happens

Whats wrong?


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There might be some members of this forums that can help you as several members are computer geniouses on here. Unfortunately I am not and can only suggest that you check it out on a forum predominently focusing on a problem of this nature.
Sorry 😞

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