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does anyone know if this Flight Sim X will work on 64Bit Windows xp?

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I can't say it will but it should, it was built with Vista in mind.

Read the post by "Jeff".

Wow! Not my experience at all. I recently bought a new Gateway AMD Athlon
64 dual core 4200+ based sytem and installed an OEM version of x64 having it
dual-boot with Media Center Edition. x64 is awesome! I can't believe the
speed difference. Remember, same machine but both 32 and 64 bit versions of
Windows on it.

As for drivers the only one I had trouble finding was for my D-linik
wireless NIC, but after 10 minutes of research on Drivers.com I had one and
it works great! As for anti-virus software, PlanetAMD reccomended Avast. I
downloaded and installed it and it works flawlessly - for free!

I'm not a gamer so I don't know how well it would work with all the games or
the hardware required to play them. The only game I have on my system is
Flight Sim 2004 with a Cyborg Graphite stick and they both work great! Other
than that all of my 32 bit apps work just as well as they do with 32 bit
Windows. I've never been a Internet Exploder fan, so I downloaded Firefox
Dear Park Alpha 64 and it works seemlessly as well. I can honestly say that
I've yet to run into any kind of problem running apps or using hardware. I
even found a 64 bit driver for my laser printer from the mfg's. website, and
it works great, even through my home network.

My only complaint comes when I downloaded the beta for Office 2007. It
installed and works fine, with the exception of Outlook 2007. My, but it is
slow. That, and it keeps asking me to download this search add-on, but it
tells me that the add-on wont work with x64. The part that really stinks is
that it overwrote my Outlook 2003. It left the rest of Office 2003, but
wiped out Outlook. That figures, the one part of 2003 I would like to still
have. I'll save my comments for the new Office user interface for a later

I'm sorry you're having such a terrible experience with x64. I've been
using it for a month now and plan to keep on using it. I only boot to Media
Center on rare occassions now; it seems really slow in comparison.


lemonwonder Guest

My opinion... windows xp 64bit is still windows xp.
If it doesnt work su microsoft for every penny they have!
Or eat doughnuts... in that case I like strawberry cream mini doughnuts.

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