Stansted Airport Scenery??

TimTIm Guest

Hi there, is there Stansted Airport Scenery I can get???

I don't mind if its scenery for all London Airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, City) as long it includes Stansted

There are two reasons I want the Stansted scenery

1). I fly alot from Dublin to Stansted and vice versa
2). If anyone was in Stansted Airport they would have been astounded by the beauty of the terminal at Stansted. Its made from glass, every bit of it, but in FS2004 its not made of glass, it is not the right shape and doesn't look anything like the actual terminal

Oh yeah and freeware woudl be nice

Thank you

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i always fly from standsted despite it being in a stupidly difficult place for me Wink it is very nice, i have that scenery and never used it

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