sydney airport scenery, THERES NOT ENOUGH OF IT!

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hi everyone, im from sydney, and i love flying in and out of there, but i struggle to find any scenery addons for it! the only one i have is the jetways and terminals packages and that doesnt do all that much. (well, it is good, but it doesnt have the correct jetways as anyone who has got it will realise that they are all the same over the entire airport, i mean size is almost correct, just a bit off for the 717 and you have to move your plane over to it, in doing so beig of the actual parking centreline. If only someone could make the real jetways for it, im not sure what system they use but i know the jetways move 😉 )

well finally, i mean cmon, sydney is the hub for australias most well known airline QANTAS and recieves many international and domestic flights a day and there are more scenery addons for melbourne, adelaide, brisbane coolangatta(cooly is my second favourite airport!) and there are airport addons i have never even heard of! i dont know a single sydney AIRPORT scenery addon, freeware or payware besides jetways and terminals package.

If anyone knows better, please direct me to them. thanks 🙂

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Ah right, well, I'll go make one right away.

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You just won the award for the longest sentence this week.

Here are the Sydney downloads that I found, free-ware.


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minicaptain wrote:

... the only one i have is the jetways and terminals packages...

Which one(s)? Filename? Link?

You might have to download and install AFCADs separately 😉

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firstly, sorry if i sounded offensive solotwo, secondly, see what i mean radarman, there is not alot of choice for sydney airport only the places around sydney airport. and thirdly, it was jetways and terminals package nine that i downloaded and yes you need the afcad seperately.

oh and radarman, i used a full stop! 😂

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😀 I see.

I guess the only thing left is pay-ware.
You can check and see if they have anything.
It's difficult to link to them or I would do it.


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