Greek / Turkish collision

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sounds like an odd dispute.. but thats by the by, they regularly have "mock dogfights" it says? Sounds like the disputed 4 miles is a fighter pilot's play ground.. only this time they had an accident.

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Its not the first and wont be the last time such accidents happens...
We have some in past but not so serious...The basic point of all of these dogfights that BBC very casual named and also very casual resume the whole point, is not the real matter...There are other deeper reasons but we are not in the right place to analyze. 😉

I wish the bests for the four pilots. ❗

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I think everybody is sorry for the accident.
It is pity that Greek pilot lost his life.
That is the way how two Air Forces train each other.
Reasons, no need to find one or more.
That is the basic instincts of the fighter pilots when they are airborne.
I wish patience to both Nations.

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Agree ❗

Lets wish these train flights not be so hard in the future and everybody stay focus in the internal problems both countries have and not spend human lives,time and money to useles power demonstartions. ❗


Just heard the news.

That sux! Crying or Very sad

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I find the peaceful nature of the folks here, refreshing. I have to admit that if a Mexican fighter had collided with a US fighter during a game of chicken, I'd be sending this post from Mexico City. Not saying what I'd be doing there. Twisted Evil

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That is bad, i feel bad for the crash... 😞

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