Guzer...Super low fly by...

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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Captain

Guys when i tell you that this fly by is low i mean LOW!! 😳

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Madbrit Guest

Someone post the Spitfire/reporter video. I think I did the last time this low flying clip was posted.

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

nice!!! 😳 😀

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

That is low ❗ ❗

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I've seen that before - great video! 👍

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Jamie Robson (Jamier) First Officer

yah ive seen that one before so good how low they get!

Madbrit Guest

OK. Here it is.

WARNING - Language. May take a while to load with a slow connection.

Unless you're in mixed company, ramp up the volume.

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Wing-man First Officer

That Spit came very close to giving him a nice haircut 😳 ROFL

In the clip of the low flying jets, if you look down and to the right, you'll see the guy singing the Numa Numa song 🙄 it's an old clip, but a classic. ROFL

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

ROFL Great video


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