Fly Away Simulation

Guzer...Super low fly by...

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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Chief Captain

Guys when i tell you that this fly by is low i mean LOW!! Shocked

Madbrit Guest

Someone post the Spitfire/reporter video. I think I did the last time this low flying clip was posted.

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

nice!!! Shocked Very Happy

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

That is low Exclamation Exclamation

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I've seen that before - great video! Thumbs Up!

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Jamie Robson (Jamier) First Officer

yah ive seen that one before so good how low they get!

Madbrit Guest

OK. Here it is.

WARNING - Language. May take a while to load with a slow connection.

Unless you're in mixed company, ramp up the volume.

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Wing-man Captain

That Spit came very close to giving him a nice haircut Shocked ROFL

In the clip of the low flying jets, if you look down and to the right, you'll see the guy singing the Numa Numa song Rolling Eyes it's an old clip, but a classic. ROFL

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

ROFL Great video


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