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Hi painters,

I would really like to see a repaint of the aircraft above, the New Zealand Warbirds associsation Douglas DC-3. It is being repainted soon, and would like to see a re-creation of it for FS2004 before she changes her colours in real life.

I have plenty of media available and photographs of all different angles of the plane if you need them- so if you are interested in doing the default DC-3 up, please post here!

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

now thats a good lokking plane if I ever saw one 👍

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

As you have specifically asked for the Default DC-3, I presume you do not have the payware MAAM version. You might be able to squeeze a free DC-3 at --
The quality of the a/c makes the default one look like a poor relation.

The MAAM is relatively easy to paint, while the default a/c has many restrictions in where you can paint although I will have another look at it and see what can be done - although I believe that your DC-3 requires painting parts of the fuselage that a repainter just can't get to.

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ceetee Chief Captain

You might be able to squeeze a free DC-3 at --

I looked at the MAAM DC-3 before and indeed it looks beautifull, although I can't afford it right now 😞

What do you mean by "squeeze a free" one though? The reason I want the DC-3 repainted is not just for me, but the entire NZ flightsim community, as I am sure plently of people who see it in the skies above the country would love to re-create some of it's flights.

As for the default DC-3, which areas of the fuselage are not accessable? Prehaps we could comprimise and leave a few parts out?

Thanks for your reply.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Left a PM for you.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Well I have something for you - not sure it's what you want - didn't know if you wanted a clapped out, dirty a/c or a nice clean, tidy DC3 which would be a better memory for all the War Bird fraternity.
Anyway this is what I turned out - very difficult to get things where you want them in the default textures - but I think I've got all the relevant lettering and numbers on the a/c but not in the exact same place as shown in the pics lifted from the NZWB site.

Not for 56K DUN

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ceetee Chief Captain

Hi Dave.

I just checked my PM and was about to get the MAAM DC-3 untill I saw your reply.

The screenshot looks fantastic! Please could you upload it somewhere and post a link?

It is much better than I ever imagened, and in such a short time, I am thrilled with your work 😀 😀 😀

Thanks so much,

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Sorry for late reply but have been dealing with people who will not read instructions properly - like read and digest Twisted Evil
Have it all ready to send you but need an email address.

Dave C
Forget that request - got it from your profile - you must be one of the few who actually complete that profile 😂 - now let's get that DC-3 to you.

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ceetee Chief Captain

Hi Davec,

I recieved your e-mail and downloaded the repaint straight away!

It's fantastic! Thank you ever so much!

You have just ended the years of longing for Kiwi flightsim enthusiasts for a NZWB DC-3!

Thanks again pal Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down

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