wow, old speech i found!

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Wow, i'm a Captain now! Gosh, i just wish it would work that way in real life! That's cool. Well, anyway, i would like to extend a thanks to everyone at Flyawaysimulation. You guys are great! And this website is excellent! It seems odd, but people that fly these simulations actually are more polite than other people on similar forums about different things. Most other forums about games are full of people that flame, swear, and generally make life hard for you. Not here. There's loads of great people here, and if you havent had a chance to communicate with them, you ought to.

Oh, this part down here is from a speech i gave in a class, talking about flight simulators, and i recommended this site to about 10 of the people there that had flightsims. Dunno if it made a difference, but maybe they downloaded a few things and liked it...I cant believe i still had it..enjoy!


He seems to own the site, so generally he deserves respect, cause if it werent for him, we'd have to find a different site to talk on.


What can i say, this guy'll go out of his way to help you in any way he can. I've asked questions about other websites and he's gone and searched around untill he found the one i was looking for. Great help!


She's the queen of bush piloting as far as i'm concerned, and if you got a question about a small plane, 5 buck says she'll know

Of course, yours truly...

I'm the autopilot babysitter of the site, I know a few things about naviagation and ILS as well...thats about it for me Embarassed

This got a A- as my final grade...not bad!

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Thank you very much for being so kind and congratulations Captain.


Garren Guest

Would have to agree there, this forum has an excellent atmosphere that obviously keeps bringing people, like me, back for more.
I think to gain and maintain that kind of mood though it pays tribute greatly to the admins and moderators. Great job guys, thanks for keeping this place warm and welcoming.

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Fire_Emblem_Master wrote:

It seems odd, but people that fly these simulations actually are more polite than other people on similar forums about different things.

I think this has to do with maturity. The average age on this forum, I suspect, is quite a bit older than the other forums you're referring to, and I think that the older you are, the more you realize that kind of behavior (flaming, etc.) is self destructive. Congrats to you on your attainment of Captain.
[edited misspelling]

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Micah Captain

im actually a younger person, right side of 30 and still fully enjoy the flight sim experience. And yes, radarman is very helpful. 👏
Shame that you get the odd person who will still insist on using bad language on forums and comments on screenshots.

Oh well


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I can't believe you forgot "Tom the Tank" 😉

He's very helpful as well. 😀

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tomthetank Chief Captain

👍 Fame at last Embarassed

Thanks Turtle5x5

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Micah wrote:

im actually a younger person, right side of 30

....what is the right side of 30???

It is unthinking remarks like that cause hurt to crinklies like myself and amount to ageism - why should I be on the 'wrong' side ???
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

..and congrats to our new Captain - who I believe is on the 'right' side of 20 - lucky beggar 😉 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 The right side of twenty Blink

Perhaps we should ask Flyaway for a crinkly section in the forum ROFL

Umm... now when was it I was twenty Umm... Wacko

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Arkydave First Officer

Wrong side, right side. I figure the important thing is that I'm on the right side of the ground. 😀 I may be crinkly, but I'm still able to enjoy flight simming and this great forum.

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Micah Captain

That opened a can of worms didn't it!!
What i mean is that you dont have to be "older" to enjoy a sensible sim, its fantastic.
Anyhow, im off to fly, get up in the clouds, far nicer place to be 😉

Micah Surrender

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