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just cause im sick of hearing it!

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Whats the deal with everyone wanting to drop bombs and shoot guns in FS04? This is a flight simulator, if you want to shoot things, GET A COMBAT SIMULATOR!!! What kind of weird person would want to shoot down a civil jet? Seriously, why is it fun to simulate bombing defenseless buildings, and shooting at civil jets. NO, you cant shoot down other planes, NO you cant bomb cities, NO, you cant take a 757 and fly it into the world trade towers, i wouldnt doubt that someone would want to do that. What kind of sick person would actually find pleasure in bombing towns, and shooting civil airplanes? I bet the same people probably burn ants with magnifying glassse and pull wings off of flies. It doesn't take any skill to just fly around and shoot at things in this sim.

Come on, why dont you actually challenge yourself and try to learn a few things by using the sim in it's proper manner. I would bet anyone out there that thinks its fun to shoot defenseless planes and building in this sim to try and fly better than me. I'm sure you cant fly the 747, or any other civil jet down a full ILS approach in stormy weather with hurricane like winds, and actually land the plane sucessfully on the runway as you are supposed to. It took me almost a year to become proficient with these, and you people who buy the sim to shoot planes will never get the full value and enjoyment out of it. You'll fly around for a while, then you'll just get bored and leave the sim to collect dust. There's better games out there to shoot, so i'd reccomend trying those.

I understand you're not all like this, and i've got nothing wrong with the combat jets they have for this sim. I do enjoy them as well.

gosh! Mad

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Nice rant. Although I do agree, go buy LOMAC if you want to shoot airplanes down.

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Well said sir...Ausgezeichnet!

scotteiboi Guest

Does it really person is mad about it...big deal....nothing is going to change so get over it....

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I agree FEM but some idiots wont agree. they should not be playing fs Evil or Very Mad

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Cheeks wrote:

I agree FEM but some idiots wont agree. they should not be playing fs Evil or Very Mad

Cheeks, FEM has left the forums some time ago, plus this is a very old thread. Try not to reply to posts that are this old because it's meaningless! 😉

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damn it thats twice! Oops!

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