Cheeky its for you.

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Hey man, listen i was trying to send u a message but it didnt work, so i thought i would send it that way.

Listen i am very amazed b ur pics, u have a realy nice pics with good grafic card.

Can u tell me what ur computer performances and what program u use


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ceetee Chief Captain

Hi Tiger.

I already said this in another post. My computer is bottom of the range, it was good when I bought it a few years back but these days can only handle older games.

The processer is a 2.4ghz Intel Celaron.
I have 1536mb of PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM
My graphics card is an old NVIDIA GeForce FX5600 (256mb)

I keep my flightsim sharp by having two different harddrives. My primary 80GB one has my operating system (Win XP Service Pack 2) and my second HDD which is 180GB has all my games- which I defrag regually to get crisp textures rather than blurries.

For my screenshots, I crop them off and resive them in Arcsoft Photostudio before I upload them here-

Hope this helps.

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

then how do you get such good frame rates and graphics?....

oh you cheater!

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oreo005 First Officer

How do you know he has a good frame rate (not saying that he dosen't)?
The pictures are not moving...!

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ceetee Chief Captain

then how do you get such good frame rates and graphics?....

I change my Display setup according to the area I am flying in- say if I am going to a big city then I turn autogen and scenery complexety down etc. I also have edited my fs9.cfg according to the AVSIM guide to maximise my experience 😎

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