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I realize the majority of you have no interest in hockey.. or are simply more interested in the World Cup at the moment.. but I figured I would take the initiative to go ahead and congratulate the Carolina Hurricanes on winning their first Stanley Cup ever.

I'm so glad, being an ice hockey goalie myself, that Cam Ward, Carolina's goalie, won the Conn Smythe award (MVP trophy). He played outstanding in the entire playoffs... especially seeing that he's only a 22 year-old rookie!

See more here if you're interested:

I'd also like to applaud Edmonton's excellent effort for forcing the series all the way to game 7. They did an excellent job. 🙂

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I watched game 6 and 7 with a bar-buddy who is a huge fan of hockey. He explained a lot of the rules and tactics to me, and I enjoyed it a lot (I'm a Brit living in the USA).

I was supporting Edmonton, though 😞

Still, you're right about ward - an incredible display. But one thing I couldn't figure out: is it compulsory to have a dreadful beard to play hockey? 😂

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yeah.. i didnt really have a favorite in this series... i was really just cheering for whatever team was the home team in each game, lol

my favorite team is the NY rangers, but they were eliminated in the first round by our arch rivals, the NJ devils Evil or Very Mad

but it's okay.. because after the rangers were out, all i wanted was for the NJ devils and the Philadelphia Flyers to NOT win, lol 😂 (which, obviously, they didnt)

it's cool to see that you enjoy watching hockey.. it is a very fast-paced exciting game to watch! and i can tell you as an ice hockey goalie myself.. it ain't easy!!!

lol.. and i was thinking the same exact thing as i watched carolina celebrate... "why do they all have that same lumberjack's beard?!?" 😂

i couldnt tell them apart from each other, lol

but yes.. i do commend Edmonton.. they came back from being down 3 games to force a 7th game in the series.. and it was a good game at that.

Jussi Markannen played phenominal in nets for the oilers.. it really was the goaltenders' game.


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