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South Atlantic Series 1 - Mount Pleasant (EGYP), Ascension AUX AB (FHAW), and Stanley (SFAL) - payware available

High quality scenery especially for the military enthusiast. Why have the sophisticated hardware if you don't have scenery of complimentary quality to fly it in? This scenery has been designed for precision accuracy. Did you know that most addon scenery is 10's to 100's of metres out of location. This is important if you use sim for realism on IFR flights. High density GMAX is used for quality display, and blended to accurate terrain.

This will also develop your knowledge of flying and military operations and the region in general. It also fills a big "hole" in the default scenery.

Demo pics available at SimMarket - search Prolific or South Atlantic

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Great pictures available to view the scenery

Demo images @:

All feedback is useful and requested! (post reply to this thread)

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