Belfast and Northern Ireland Scenery?

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crashtestjonny Trainee

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know if there is any scenery for belfast and N.Ireland available for FS2004? I have read about ematch solutions who where supposed to released Belfast City 2004 but I dont think anything came of it.

Anyone any ideas?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Have a look through this link:


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Zach (ranald) Captain

Thanks for that link 99jolegg I fly hear often aswell and was looking for some good scenery (used to live in near Belfast) you can also try this out I use it for Irish airports like Dublin cork ect ect it doesnt include Aldergrove Itnl or the city airport but it does include the docks

rigpig Guest

I'm looking for Belfast City EGAC scenery as well.

It looks like there was a commercial scenery produced by EMatchsims, but it appears that the chap who ran it sold the company to form a real airline.

Anyone know what happened to EMatch, who bought them out and whether their EGAC is still available?

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