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Would someone be so kind as to give me a list of all the Kittyhawk aircraft? (I think it's just 737's) but I would like to collect them all as they are great models and good on framerates.

Cheers 🙂

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Give a try on their site.I think its the following ➡

(dead link removed)

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or do you mean eric cantu? if it is theeen under several names he has released:

- 727 (vistaliners)
- 737 200,300,400,500,600,700,800 (kittyhawk)
- md-80, 83 (sga)
- dc-9 (sga)
- embraer 120 (oss)

i think that's it...his files are on

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Kitty Hawk Air Cargo
B727-200: 17
B737-300SF: 7


ahh sorry for missleading you all. But I think Hinch is right...It might be Eric Cantu Embarassed

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I think its just the 737 and the 727. I just downloaded a kittyhawk airplane onto fs9. I think its better than posky. It is more manuverable than the posky. The only con I have about it is that the winglets are a little too big. 😀

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This is a REALLY old post man... like one year old...

but now that you mention it... the 737 with winglets does have tall winglets... in RL they are 8 ft from root to tip.

So yeah. they are big.

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