Help FS2004 crashing!!!!

amdk6ii Guest

Can someone help me....I have FS 2004 installed on my pc and it keeps crashing about 5 mins into the game...I have and Abit kt7e mobo 512mb 80gb WD HDD WinXP PRO...I have try 2 different cards, the FX5200 and the Radeon 9500Pro...FS2004 crashing about 5mins into the game on both cards...The funny thing is that FS2002 and FS2000 works fine with both cards...Also FS2004 works fine with the FX 5200 PCI verison which doesn't make sense to me..I have tried new drivers, the VIA 4in1, updated to the new bios, fresh xp install, tried different memory, new PSU everything i could think of...Can you guys help me...Thanx

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stick carson Guest

Same problem here.. Win WP-Pro Pentium 4 3meg 1 gig memory force 5900 (256 meg), sound IRQ conflicts. both the vid card and sound card have their own exclusive irq. I have pulled out all uneasy cards, tried putting cards into different slots nothing works. about 5 min into game sound keeps repeating a small bit of sound and computer totally freezes up. If you find anything please let me know.

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Things to try: D/l latest DirX, or reinstall. D/l latest Detonator drivers. 256 Ram is bare minimum for XP. Turn down all display options and see if that fixes problem. Good Luck, rob

mad_airnz Guest

same problem here guys i have tried every thing aye keeps crashing i will try post up there error msg next time some one please help me or email me



hey all here is the screenies

i also got this

C:\Documents and Settings\Gareth\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\fs9.CFG.txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Gareth\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\dxdiag.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\Gareth\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\scenery.cfg

some one please help me

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I know this is for 2000 but take a long look at it.

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Rambunctious First Officer

RadarMan wrote:

I know this is for 2000 but take a long look at it.

Yeah, well after wasting a lot more than either the experience, or the software itself is worth, that's the best I can get from M$, as well.

They keep whining about how piracy hurts them, then publish the bug fixes and security updates for anyone with a .iso copy, but fail to support the people who actually buy the product.

Total hypocracy, and a joke. I have already migrated to Mozilla Firefox, the rest is coming soon!

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