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I been flying this site since the beginning, some of the a/craft (big megs) are fantastic, some a bit so so, like somehow I downloaded an f18 which arrived with a cessna 150 panel and sound, then I got the huge download f18 with about 10 variations and it was,and still is the best,,,however no body seems to have come up with a space shuttle sim, yeah, Id like to see that,,to be rocketed into orbit, a couple of times around the earth, then re-entry, to touch down at a given base, I like work load in the drivers chair, and this would be different huh! imagine the scenery that would be used, and a whole new ballgame in controlls, landing dead stick from space to a given point, so what about you guys looking at space filght possibilites..................Laza

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Your idea is kul but there is a problem. That wouldn't be an arcraft simulation but space craft sumilation + you would nedd at least a CD more. It's a great idea but it is hard possible to make it real!

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FS9 is a flight sim to think that they would stretch it out at the present time to space flight is an unknown.
For now if you want to try a space sim, I've never tried it, here is one.
I also think it's free. Dont Know


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I have the one that radarman is talking about. graphics are ok for being free. remember it is not a walk in the park to fly a shuttle it takes time and effort to get into orbit and to reenter the atmosphere and to land. shuttles dont land like planes they land like bricks,their worse than boing 747 s

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I have orbiter, but i'm still figuring it out. There is also some thing called Eagle Lander, it's payware. It looks really good! You don't get to fly the shuttle, but it is a very good simulation of the Apollo lunar landings.
Take a look at it: 😀

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