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A young 16 year old has died!

He was flight training and he was on a solo flight.

The couse of the crash is unkown but all they know is that he was in a noise dive and he was heading for a park which was full of children. Near by people who saw said he pulled away form the park and then crashed whiched killed him.

He was on his second solo flight.

It was all over the news!

Its a bloody shame this had to happen!

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Crying or Very sad Somebody so young...and all his dreams vanished... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad May he rest in peace.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I heard about that - a great shame 😞

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im sorry for that guy.

May he rest in peace.

all his future has disapired but he has died like a hero.
He saved lives and his has my greatest reaspect. Crying or Very sad

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Karlw Captain

Yes poor man if only there were a way to rewind time and prevent this fropm ever happening 😞



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a young boy who only wished to build his dream and for an unkown reason he was killed.

His life may of ended but his dream is always there.

May he rest in peace Crying or Very sad

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i hope that this accident doesnt discourige flying.
Flying is indeed very safe.

Did you know that at that particular airfield that the boy trained at had'nt had an accident like that for 30 years.

I will still fly and i know that i am always safe as long as i take proper percidures and follow regulations.

Do not be discouriged about this accident.

Its a shame that a lad at that age had to die.

I hope somthing like that never happens again.

I will remmber that young boy every time i fly.

It must of been frightning going down in that thing.

But i say it again...dont be discouriged about this accident.

It dosent happen very often.

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