Possible 787 in FSX

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Watch the video and look towards the terminal. You will see what looks like the Boeing 787 in Dreamliner livery parked at the gate.

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I can't tell but I was afraid he was going to try to land at that speed and angle of decent.


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That is the 787 im 100% sure

Matty1990 Guest

yea it is iv watched it 6 times i can make it out it is the 787

B*L*U*E Guest

yeah, it is. the nose and tail give it away.


tdragger Guest

The only 787 in the game is a static one--not player flyable.


It wont work for me.. It says i need to install some plugin but when i click to install it it sais it doesnt know what to install 🙄 😕

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RadarMan wrote:

I can't tell but I was afraid he was going to try to land at that speed and angle of decent.


LOL, thats the jet truck vs airplane race mission.


You can also see the Boeing 787 in the France Airshow mission, there is a Airbus A380 there as well. Neither are flyable, and I don't believe they are AI plans either. Only static objects unfortunatly.

There are some other interseting planes you can see in the missions as well, just dissapointing they are not flyable.

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Their are tons of static aircraft showing up in FSX. I have found an SR-71 and C-130 Hercules, a series of F-18's (Blue Angels) and many many more. I have seen many Dash-8's at various airports and thought they were just static, but I saw one land behind me coming in the other day. I wish they would of given us a Dash-8. I have also seen MD-83 flying and we don't have that either.

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