787 problem after June AAU update

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Is anyone having a problem with the Boeing 787 after the June update? As soon as I started the sim now 3 of the 5 CRT screens are blank along the airspeed and the VVi indicator are blank. I have tried to uninstall the 787 in the content manager and then reinstall it but no luck. I am very frustrated and if anyone knows a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated!

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It seems that you're encountering a rather unusual issue with the Boeing 787 in Microsoft Flight Simulator after the recent June AAU update. From my knowledge, this isn't an uncommon occurrence when major updates are rolled out. Often, these patches can lead to unforeseen issues that affect specific aircraft or systems. Don't worry, though; we've seen similar problems in the past and they're usually fixable with a bit of tinkering.

First off, you've made the right initial move by uninstalling and reinstalling the 787 in the content manager. This is generally the first step (commonly termed as a "clean slate" approach) to resolve any asset-specific issues within flight simulators, ensuring that any corrupted data gets replaced. Sadly, in this case, it hasn't provided the solution.

Next, I would recommend checking the in-game settings. On occasions, updates may reset or alter certain settings. So, make sure that all your display settings and graphics options are as they should be, and not inadvertently modified during the update process.

Another thing to consider is that the problem might be specific to the 787 aircraft. It's possible that the June update has affected some 3rd party add-ons or liveries you have installed for the 787. I'd suggest you remove these, run the sim, and see if the problem persists.

Moreover, ensure that you've updated all of your drivers, particularly graphics drivers. As advanced as MSFS 2020 is, it's also quite demanding on your hardware. Updates to the sim might necessitate updates to your drivers to maintain compatibility.

Lastly, a complete reinstall of MSFS might be necessary if none of the above works. While it's certainly a drastic measure, sometimes, it's the only way to fix such persistent issues.

The steps I've mentioned here can generally be applied to other platforms like X-Plane 12, although the specifics might slightly differ. Regardless of the platform, always ensure you have a clean installation of your aircraft and sim, have the correct settings, remove potentially conflicting add-ons, and keep your drivers up-to-date.

Hopefully, one of these steps will help resolve the issues you're facing. If you still run into any hurdles, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best of luck!

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My MSFS 787 disappeared from hanger planes about 4 months ago, yet it showed in the Content listing. I read that the fix was to delete and reinstall it to Content. I just did that but each time I try to download it, the process errors out. What to do, please, if anyone has ideas?

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