Bombadier Dash 8 Q400 Transtar + FlyBe - why won't it work

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I downloaded the Dash 8 Q400 and installed it - after I realised that it was Bombadier not de Havilland I found it and flew it ok. Like the Grumman "Tracker" it has a tendency on takeoff to climb rather sharply, stall and plunge backwards back to earth. However, this is not a problem as gently pulling the stick back fixes both of them

I also downloaded the Dash 8 Q400 FlyBE AI software which I figured ought to be usable on the flyable Dash. I've tried everything, including duplicating the "Sim" file in "Aircraft.cfg", to add a BE livery, without success. I can add what should be another livery but whilst it appears in the list of aircraft the texture is not applied. I followed the "Sim" file in the BE readme document but there appeared to be rather a lot of unfamiliar lines for normal flyable planes. Duplicating the original part of the aircraft.cfg file and simply changing "texture=TranStar" to read "texture=BEE\The George Best" didn't produce the texture on the plane.

I feel I am missing something but can't think what?

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