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(Video) 737-800 Landing at Rome

TimH Guest

Hi everyone

I made a video of me landing an Alpha Blue VA 737-800W at Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport (LIRF). And this time its not a wingview landing

You can view it here

Now I do realise I floated a bit when flaring, but I was trying to get as smooth a landing as possible

I hope you like it!!


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Its a nice video 👍 I like the sounds of the aircraft and its a good angle with a centered landing. Only thing I would suggest is playing around with a few different views to see how that works - otherwise, very nice! 😉

TimH Guest

Yeah I can see what you mean about different camera views, but if I move the camera with my hatswitch when fraps is running it tends to get a bit jerky for a second before becoming smooth again.

I'll think about it for future videos though, thanks for the nice comment and the tip 😀

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Excellent sound, great scenery and a beautiful landing.
As already said, one view gets a little long.
Nice job.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Nothing wrong with that landing. We should all do them like that all the time. 😀

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to_coolguys First Officer

Hi Tim,

I am new to FS and have been learning aviation since one month.
I have been following the posts here.Well I want to compliment you.
I liked all your videos of landings.Keep up the good work.Hope i will be able to landing the big jets the same way....

TimH Guest

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!!! They mean alot 😀

to_coolguys, its great that you are willing to learn more about Flight Simulator. Reading posts here is a great way to learn! And practise practise practise really does help!!

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain


WantFSX Guest

Did you download another water texture?

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Graham (graham05) Trainee

👍 Clap

WantFSX Guest

WantFSX wrote:

Did you download another water texture?

Please respond....this is very important 🙂

TimH Guest

Thanks for the nice comments guys

The water textures I used are these

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bbonsignor Trainee

awsome i wish i was that good!!!! 😳 😳 😳

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