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MS force feedback 2 & CH product USB throttle - any good

pandur Guest

Is this combination good for IL2 and pacific fighters?

Microsoft force-feedback 2 and CH product USB throttle.

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) Captain

yes but not off ebay I've had bad experiences with ebay I'm buying one exactly like it but a lot better its got a performance screen here it is

pandur Guest

Is Saitek better and more durable than CH product?

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) Captain

yes i think so

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freedspeak First Officer

Wow ... IL2 and Pacific Fighters. I learned how to fly on those two. I'll never forget the thrill of actually controlling an airplane on IL2. I just wanted to fly around the countryside without getting shot down. I'd low fly the rivers and I was in heaven. Then I learned how to use the guns and started to blow up bridges and buildings. What a trip! Never got to much into dogfighting.

Then I decided to try Microsoft FS. The difference in flight dynamics got me hooked. It was so much more real. And I didn't have to get shot down.

Anyway I got a Saitek X-52 and the experience was consumate. Beautful joystick. But I decided to go CH and got the yoke and pro pedals. Now I think I have the ultimate setup. CH rules.

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