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Hi there, Basically the problem is that i have 2 controllers set up (A Logitech Wingman Force 3d joystick and a Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback wheel) I wanted to have the Pedals from the Steering wheel to act as rudder pedals for FS2004 while controlling everything else with the Force feedback joystick. I got that working but the problem is that the force feedback is being directed to the Wheel and I am getting no force feedback in the joystick. I have tried Changing Device priorities in the game controllers section of th control panel but it hasnt helped...Any help would be greately appreciated...thx 😕

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I have a Sidewinder stick, not FF.
I also have the Sidewinder FF wheel.
When I use the stick the wheel (on the floor) keeps moving by itself, I finally unplugged it. The sound of it became annoying. No I don't use the pedals.
I know this doesn't help you but I'm aware of the problem and couldn't stop it.


Greenmonkey Guest

thx anyway...The reason i was asking is because the Twist rudder on my joystick is broken (when i twist right, the computer thinks i twist left) so i decided to use the pedals for the rudder, which is much more realistic, so my options are that i use autorudder (and keep force feedback), or the pedals (and hopfully not lose Force feedback).

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