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Can anyone give me some advice on how to correct a proble of my 3.2ghz, pen 4 HT (intel mother board and processor) computer - it has a problem with USB ports? Some times it does not reconize joysticks, N52 (speedpad), Yoke, etc.. it reconized before, even when i stick them in the same port as before. it corrects itself if i reboot with item in port. Is there any USB port software up grade etc......???? is anyone else having this problem?

ive added new USB 1 (internal) - but can't add USB 2 (internal) it does not reconize them. I now have six internal USB 2 ports, but they are fussy as to what you plug into them..... the only USB hub that will work are USB 1 plug into the USB 1 ports ive added. if i plug a USB 2 hub into a USB 1 port it says it will work better in a USB 2 port - then when i plug into the USB 2 port it does'nt reconized it..??? WOW!

Like this thing is worse then my "X" wife. He! He!

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I remember a while back MS had an update for USB, see if any of these will apply to your problem.

Why not buy a USB2 card instead of using a hub. I use a hub but it cost $30 and I don't have any problems with it where I did with the built in ports in my older machine.

Let us know how you do.



Thank you. I looked up the updates and downloaded one but it's pre-my XP version so wouldn't load.

I tried a USB 2 port card but comput would not load it...? It did the USB 1 port cards. I installed two with two ports ea. and even those I have trouble with now and then.

But you know what we do with these machines its a wonder they work at all......

I have GoFlight Deck with six modules, cirrus yoke, rudder peddles, 3D glasses, Tracker Pro 6way, and a loose nut behind the yoke, more addons to FS9 then I can name plus aircraft up the "?" WOW - NEAT - AND FUN!


Wow, found the problem, found a temp fix.

Problem can be found at:;en-us;817900

well i didn't want to go into that "use at your risk" stuff, so i tried my registory mechanic program and bingo, one of my no longer wouldn't loaded USB items (nostromo speedpad) loaded!!!!!!!!!!

i use PC tools registory mechanic to keep my registory in order. I used PC tool defrager before MS was defraging. were talking DOS... IBM stuff... any rate if youre interested pc tools registory mechanic can be gotton here:

i still may try MSs work around.. if i do i'll pass it on too.....

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Thanks for the links, I'm glad you got one started.
Don't forget all of those USB devices put a drain on your P/S and if it's a 250w from the factory it's not going to be able to handle everything on the computer.
You should look into a 450w (or bigger) from .
Good luck! 👍




I had the system built for me it's 450+ wattttttsssss!


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