FSX Beta? (Not demo)


Did anybody from here get the chance to download the beta? And if so, can you post some shots of it? 😀

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Do you have a link for it? [sp?] 👍


Its on but i dont think its working anymore. Even if it does, you have to suscribe before downloading it. see if the link works for you:

I found out this info from and they also have a lot of pictures from the beta their you can find.

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Thanks [sp?] 👍

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didnt work 😞

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I downloaded it and it worked. I am on a laptop with 3.0GHz processor, 512MB Ram, and a 32MB Gfx card. However it was pathetically slow at loading and the scenery looked very poor (that was display setting on min). Im looking to get something better for running FSX and other programs in general. I would be looking to get 2GB Ram and 256gfx card to make it worth my while.

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