A Good St. Maarten Scenery Add-on

elkinallen2 Guest

Can someone help me with finding the St. Maarten scenery add on? It is the one that has the approach end fence. you know the chain link fence that Air France smacks occasionaly?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Head over to Avsim or flightsim and use the search engie for St Maarten

😳 😳 There are loads of scenery add ons with fences for you to pull down, try any here ➡


I know it says for fs2002 but they work in fs9 🙄

Or here if you must have fs9 scenery ➡


I know they have fences..............because I pull em down Twisted Evil

Oh, and dont expect to have it easy with ILS ROFL

Hope it helps 😉

elkinallen Guest

Right on. Thanks. I found a file and downloaded it. It is a Carribean scenery addon. I'll get it going and find out if it is the one.

Here, I saw a screenshot someone placed that shows their AF 747 with one of the MLG trucks bouncing off the fence. It was great!!!

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